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    Boat Insurance in all of Texas, Alabama & Oklahoma


    Boat Insurance in Abilene, TX & all of Oklahoma, Alabama & Texas

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    If you’re a responsible motorist, you wouldn’t get behind the wheel without proper car insurance. If you own a boat, taking to the water without proper boat insurance is just as risky.

    Owning a boat comes with its own distinct risks and liabilities. As a responsible boat owner, you want to be sure you’re sufficiently shielded against unexpected events out on the water. You and your family have to much riding on your assets and investments to risk losing them in a boating accident.

    You owe it to your water-going neighbors, too, to have sufficient coverage out on the water. What if you were found legally liable for a boat-related accident involving damage to another’s person or property? What would happen? Without sufficient boat insurance, a cash judgement against you could run you into financial ruin.

    Does Texas Law Require Boat Insurance?

    The short answer is “no.” However, state law isn’t the only consideration here. For instance, if you buy your boat with a loan, your lender will likely want you to carry boat insurance. If you store your vessel at a marina or boatyard, the facility might oblige you to maintain a degree of boat insurance.

    Discounted Boat Insurance with Multiple Policies

    If you purchase boat insurance through a Wicker-Parker provider, you may qualify for discounted rates if you hold existing Wicker-Parker policies. Whether you’re already a Wicker-Parker customer or not, ask us about multi-policy discounts for bundling boat insurance with other coverages.

    Boat Insurance is the Right Thing to Do

    If you’re a truly accountable boat owner, maintaining adequate boat insurance just makes sense. Shielding your passengers and your water-faring neighbors with appropriate boat insurance is, quite simply, the principled way to go. Additionally, a boat can be a substantial investment. Even if you bought your vessel in cash, could you afford to simply waste that money and buy a new boat if disaster struck? Could you afford a sizable cash judgment against you if you were found legally liable for an accident?

    What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

    A standard boat insurance policy covers the most common perils associated with physical damage to a boat:

    • Sinking
    • Fire
    • Storms
    • Theft
    • Collision

    Standard boat insurance also covers damage to a variety of boat-related property. Such property includes the boat and motor, of course, but it also includes the trailer used to haul the craft to water. Any gear permanently affixed to the boat is also usually covered, as are anchors, oars, trolling motors, extra fuel tanks, tools, removable canopies, seat cushions, life jackets and preservers, skis and tow ropes, dinghies, and more.

    Many boat insurance policies also reimburse the costs of labor repairing and/or replacing your boat and related gear. Most policies provide basic liability coverage, too. Liability isn’t required by Texas law; however, you risk losing everything without liability protection.

    Comparable to other policy types, boat insurance costs depend on the stated values in the policy contract and upon chosen deductibles. In the event of severe damage or of a total loss, these limits can be tremendously important, so it’s important to choose with care.

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    A comprehensive boat insurance policy from Wicker-Parker will help shield your assets against unexpected trouble on the waters. If you’re shopping for boat insurance in Abilene, TX, we’d be thrilled to hear from you! As an independent insurance agent in Abilene Texas, we partner with numerous insurance providers, enabling us to do the shopping around for you!

    We’re committed to empowering you to make informed decisions about boat insurance, and we’re here to answer all your questions. For a free boat insurance quote, click here, or call Wicker-Parker Insurance Agency today at 325-437-0677!